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Children of Success (COS) is a registered NPO that aims to alleviate poverty by reducing the plight of teen pregnancy and increasing financial literacy levels of rural and township communities.

Having been formally founded in 2014, the organisation has since become a fully fledged operational entity, boasting a growing partnership base consisting of secondary schools, rural communities, charitable organisations and the corporate sector.

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Youth Development Programmes

Children Of Success primarily focuses on empowering the youth with soft and hard skills that can assist them in breaking the perpetual cycle of poverty.

COS offers the following programmes in order to achieve this :
1.“Changing lives in 30 minutes”: This programme focuses on broad exposure to sexual health and financial well-being. It is conducted in the form of 30-minute awareness talks at secondary schools.

2. Skills Development Programmes: This programme consists of a series of educational workshops that aim to trigger behavioral change. The main objective is to equip participants with skills that enable them to think proactively and responsibly, in the context of their sex lives, finances and future careers.

3. Social Media Campaigns: In an effort to scale impact, Children of Success designs and markets user-generated content (UGC) campaigns. The main objective of these campaigns is to put the youth at the forefront of creating and controlling the narrative of their own generation's fight against poverty.

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Rural and Township Community Programmes

The secondary focus of Children of Success is to empower rural and township communities with the knowledge and practical skills that can uplift them from poverty.

This is achieved through two programmes:
1. The "Changing Lives" Initiative: Similar to the "Changing Lives in 30 Minutes" Programme, this initiative is conducted as awareness talks which offer broad exposure to sexual health, financial well-being, and psychosocial well-being.

2. Skills Development Programmes: The main objective of these programmes is to equip participants with skills that enable them to be informed, cautious and responsible in their approach to the sexual, financial and psychosocial aspects of their lives.

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